Mircea Suciu: Hotel Empathy
2019-03-20 - 2019-04-27
Zeno X Gallery Godtsstraat 15 2140 Antwerp Borgerhout Belgium
Installation view of Hotel Empathy © Mircea Suciu Courtesy of Zeno X Gallery Photography by Peter Cox
Zeno X Gallery presents Hotel Empathy—the third solo exhibition by Mircea Suciu. Inspired by the way in which artists such as John Baldessari and Robert Rauschenberg combined different techniques and styles, Suciu developed his own graphic technique called the 'monotype.' Emphasizing the importance of both image and process, this specific technique allows Suciu to combine various types of images in order to present an iconicity in a world that is constantly being overwhelmed by all sorts of images. Suciu is interested in the mechanisms behind an image – how the impact can be immediate and how an image can be deceiving or rather emancipating. By working in series, he tries to exhaust certain motifs and to reach the essence of an image. The images could be seen as echoes that become more real through repetition, making it harder for one to escape them. -Zeno X Gallery Opening on March 20th, 2019, the show will be on view through April 27, 2019. For more information, please visit: http://www.zeno-x.com/exhibitions/current/current_exhibition_SM_works.html