Domestic Horror
2019-09-05 - 2019-10-19
Gagosian Park & 75 821 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021 United States
Cheikh Ndiaye the sun of Tuesday, February 23, 1988, 2019 Oil on canvas 72.4 x 73.7 cm (28 1/2 x 29 in) © Cheikh Ndiaye, courtesy Gagosian, New York
Gagosian presents Domestic Horror, a group exhibition organized by Bill Powers, at its Park & 75 location in New York. ”On view will be works by Natalie Ball, Louise Bonnet, Ginny Casey, Genieve Figgis, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Tanya Merrill, Cheikh Ndiaye, Rene Ricard, Pauline Shaw, Lucien Smith (with Glenn O’Brien), Vaughn Spann, and Chloe Wise. Featuring several young and emerging artists, this exhibition includes many specially commissioned works. Ndiaye and Spann confront the perils of political turmoil by disrupting familiar images of cultural stability: the office space of the state newspaper of Senegal, in shambles after an anti-government protest; an American flag, deconstructed and reassembled with a single ominous, looming star.” - Gagosian Opening on 5 September 2019, the show will be on view through 19 October 2019. For more information, please visit: