Peter Buggenhout: We Did It Before, We Will Do It Again

“It is the first monograph of the artist Peter Buggenhout, a Belgian sculptor that works and lives in Ghent, but whose work has been presented in a wide range of important venues all over the world. He wished to design himself the make-up of the lay-out of this monumental book of nearly 400 pages, like an extension of his artistic work.” - Les Éditions de l'Amateur

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Peter Buggenhout Co-published with M-Museum Leuven, the Flemish Community, Konrad Fischer Galerie, and Galerie Laurent Godin Text by Selen Ansen, Peter Buggenhout, William Rathje, and Eva Wittcox Design by Ine Meganck, Koen Vernimmen 28 x 21.5 cm, 394 pages, English / French, softcover ISBN: 978-2-85917-550-4